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Wash away sand, silt and mud from drains.

Helps remove sand and mud from drains Suspends sand and small particles in drains allowing you to wash it away.

Product Information

Sewerflo helps to remove deposits of sand, silt, mud and organic waste from sewer lines, storm drains, sump pits, slop sinks and other drains. If you are washing underground parking areas Sewerflo will help keep your drains flowing smoothly by allowing the particles to float instead of sinking to the bottom of your pipes.


Sewerflo breaks up deposits and destroys their adhesive & cohesive forces allowing it to disperse fine particles throughout the water in a fluffy form. Acts as a Flucculent to keep sand and mud in suspension so that any water flowing at a 2.0 feet per second velocity will carry the deposits away. Designed to remove inorganic (mud) or organic (sanitary sewage) and greasy deposits from storm & sanitary sewers

Drain Line, Sand, Silt & Mud Remover



  • Pour 1 to 2 gallons Sewerflo per 1000 gallons water pumped from the hose, when flushing sewers with a fire hose or hydraulic jet pump
  • Pour 1 to 2 gallons Sewerflo for 100ft of 1 ft diameter sewer pipe and flush it with lots of water or allow the normal flow of sewage after next rainfall to wash away loosened mud and sand deposits


  • Use Sewerflo monthly in all outside rainfall drain/sewer lines and underground parking catch basins and manholes that collect sand and mud to help keep them free-flowing
  • Use quarter gallon for 100 ft of 6" pipe, half a gallon for 200 ft of 6" pipe, use 1-½ half gallons for 500 ft of 6" pipe diameter - double the dosage for larger diameter drain or sewer lines


  • Underground parking garages, sanitary and storm sewer lines
  • Reservoirs and drinking fountains
  • Treat slop sinks and sump pits
  • Breaking up and disbursing deposits and build-ups
  • Fast-acting
  • Holds particles in suspension by flocculation which allows them to be flushed out with water

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Alvin Woelfle 1 reviews

I had a customer in Calgary that was doing cement samples in their lab


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