Brodi's HVAC products provide a proactive approach to HVAC and plumbing upkeep. Preventative mechanical maintenance avoids shutdowns, damage and expensive repairs in the future. Our unique line of speciality products have been carefully curated utilizing our extensive knowledge gained from over 45 years of business. From no-rinse coil descalers to condensate drain treatments, we have many easy to use solutions. Check out our catalogue below.

A complete HVAC maintenance solution for professionals

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Dry Graphite Lubricant

Excellent anti-friction & anti-seize lubricant

Non-Corrosive Coil Descaler

For removal of scale, calcium and rust from all HVAC coil units

Citrus-based rinseable coil cleaner

Non-acid, non-caustic, non-corrosive

Spray-on anti-sweat insulating coating to prevent condensation buildup on challenging and intricate plumbing installations.

An anti-sweat insulating coating for pipes that stops and prevents AC condensation …

Protect live electrical devices from moisture. Penetrates, lubricates, prevents rust on metal.

Protect your electrical equipment from moisture exposure. An all purpose, non-flammable, non-conductive …

Non-Rinse, Non-Acid, Foaming Coil Cleaner.

A powerful, non-acid, NON-RINSE coil cleaner that blasts deep into air-conditioner, heater, …

Our most essential HVAC products in one case

Contains our most popular must-have products. A selection of HVAC products curated …

AC Condensate Drain Pan Cleaning Tablets for Heat Pumps and 1 Ton AC units

Formulated to clean sludge, scum and other accumulates in condensate drain pans …

Cleaner & Disinfectant Unscented

A disinfectant, cleaner and sanitizer designed for hospital and food processing.

Air Conditioning Condensate Drain Pan and Drain Line Treatment for Professional Use. For 5 or 15 Ton Units

AC Gel Pucks are an easy way to prevent blocked condensate drains …

Unclog Blocked Condensate Drains

A non-acid compressed gas formula creates a shock wave for instant drain …

Molybdenum and graphite anti-seize dry Lubricant

A forceful spray which provides rapid penetration through rust and corrosion to …

Cooling Tower Cleaner

Acts fast, breaks up and disburses deposit build-ups

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