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Automated Battery-Powered System for controlling odors and grease build-up in Grease-Traps, Sump-Pits, Dialysis Machines & Holding-Tanks.

Highly Concentrated Grease Trap Treatment with Automated Dispenser.

Bacterial liquid enzyme treatment for drains and grease traps.

85 Billion bacteria spores per litre.

An Industrial Strength Toilet & Urinal Bowl Cleaner

Deodorizes, disinfects and cleans toilets and urinals.

Sump Pit Floating Citrus-Based Deodorizer & Degreaser

Keeps sump pits and waste tanks smelling great and free from sludge. …

Citrus Based Solvent Emulsifier for Grease Traps & Sump Pits

CGTC is designed to be used in systems that have been neglected …

Biological Drain Maintainer and Organic Waste Digester

Attacks odours at the source

Citrus-based Drain Maintainer

Eliminates buildup in drains by dissolving grease, grime, slime & sludge which …

Drain Disinfectant, Deodorizer, Odour Suppressant & Cleaner.

A concentrated blend of biodegradable detergents, germicides and deodorizing agents. Disinfect, deodorize …

Citrus-based Range Hood Degreaser and Drain Maintainer

Eliminates grease, fats, oils, slime and odour in range hoods.

Fumeless, Alkaline Drain Opener & Maintainer that removes and prevents BioFilms.

A powerful, highly concentrated, ready-to-use, alkaline drain opener and maintainer. Used to …

Heavy Duty Degreaser for Sump Pits and Grease Traps

Powerful solvent that rapidly emulsifies grease & sludge accumulations in sump pits …

Spray-on anti-sweat insulating coating to prevent condensation buildup on challenging and intricate plumbing installations.

An anti-sweat insulating coating for pipes that stops and prevents AC condensation …

Non-Flammable Contact Cleaner

A high purity, high dielectric, rapidly evaporating, non-flammable aerosol spray contact and …

Heavy Duty Urinal Descaler and Odor Treatment

Crete is a professional quality drain treatment for descaling uric acid (calcium) …

Citrus Deodorizer & Degreaser for Drains and Plaster Traps

Kleenout is an industrial strength treatment specifically designed for treating the foul …

13 of our most popular facility maintenance products to try out.

Contains our most popular must-have products. A selection of plumbing, facility, maintenance, …

Professional grade cover bag for clearly and safely marking unavailable urinals or other items not available for use.

This durable Out of Order Bag is designed to create a professional …

Powdered fumeless, alkaline instant drain opener

Powerful instant powdered drain opener for drains less than four inches in …

Powerful Penetrating Foam for Drain Cleaning and Odor Neutralization

A natural foam containing non-pathogenic microbes that quickly eliminates fats, oils and …

Non-Chemical Instant Drain Opener for all Diameter Drains

Powerflo is the first line of defence when dealing with initial blockage …

Stop drains from drying out.

Eliminates sewer gas smells and insects caused by dried out p-traps. Used …

Air Conditioning Condensate Drain Pan and Drain Line Treatment for Professional Use. For 5 or 15 Ton Units

AC Gel Pucks are an easy way to prevent blocked condensate drains …

Powerful Crystal Drain Opener for drains 4 inches or larger.

An industrial strength solution for cleaning out the toughest large drain problems

Unclog Blocked Condensate Drains

A non-acid compressed gas formula creates a shock wave for instant drain …

Cooling Tower Cleaner

Acts fast, breaks up and disburses deposit build-ups

Wash away sand, silt and mud from drains.

Helps remove sand and mud from drains Suspends sand and small particles …

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