About Us

Brodi Specialty Products Ltd. was established in 1976 as a boutique specialty chemical company, primarily dedicated to offering distinctive maintenance solutions directly to engineering and maintenance departments across a wide spectrum of institutional, industrial, commercial, and government clients. Over time, our customer base has diversified, encompassing a wide range of establishments such as hospitals, nursing homes, office complexes, military installations, government facilities, parks and recreational areas, hotels, and manufacturing facilities.

Our unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier, high-performance products is paralleled by our steadfast dedication to upholding the most stringent environmental, health, and safety standards. We recognize the significance of safeguarding both the environment and the well-being of individuals, and we take our responsibility with the utmost seriousness. While our products may not always be the least expensive option, they are crafted for peak quality and intended for professional use, setting them apart from diluted alternatives offered by competitors.

At Brodi Specialty Products Ltd., we are deeply devoted to providing innovative solutions tailored to meet the distinctive demands of our customers. Our team comprises seasoned experts who possess a profound understanding of the challenges confronted by our clients in the realms of maintenance and engineering.

Our capacity to deliver exceptional products and services is a source of immense pride for us, and we continually strive to enhance and adapt our offerings to align with the evolving requirements of our clientele. Our unwavering emphasis on quality, dependability, and customer satisfaction serves as the foundation for everything we undertake.

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