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The amount of Zoos across North America using our products seems to be growing so I thought I would put together a list of popular products being purchased and explain a little about how they are being used in these type of facilities.


As you may or may not know we are a family run business providing maintenance solutions to the building trades for over 40 years.


Though we typically deal with the utilities and plumbing departments our products can be used across a wide range of departments including electrical and HVAC.


We understand that due to covid many facilities are not running at full capacity and have some areas not being used by staff or the public at all, so we offer a few products that can help.


For example, VapourBlock can be used in large or small drains to prevent p-traps from drying out. If you are experiencing sewer gas odors in areas not frequented anymore, VapourBlock will stop the water from evaporating, eliminating sewer gas smells and insects.


Another product that has become very popular now is our Professional Grade Out-of-Order Bags. Traditionally used when treating or repairing urinals they have now become very popular for social distancing and we have a hard time keeping them on the shleves. 


Our top selling product, Crete, a urinal descaler and odor controller, is being used by facilities services for removing scale from humidifier element plates, removing urine odors from animal enclosures, waste troughs and of course, as part of a regular maintenance program for urinals treatments. Crete removes uric acid buildup and restores drains back to their original diameter. We are the number 1 result on Google for urinal descalers. 


Brofix, our fast-setting polymer compound that enables permanent repairs to all types of materials such as metal, wood, glass, masonry and plastics, is being used for many types of repairs, for example repairing heat exchange coils (for leaks), metal fences, quick fabrications, etc. 


5 in 1 is a stock item and used by all our Zoo clients. This is a replacement for WD40. They find it better and longer lasting and great for winter outdoor use. 5 in 1 can be sprayed on live electrical equipment, especially usefully for maintaining outdoor lighting, plugs and preventing rust in hinges and bolts. Check out the video on our page showing how 5 in 1 protects a light bulb underwater. 

See the list below of our popular products.
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Automated Battery-Powered System for controlling odors and grease build-up in Grease-Traps, Sump-Pits, Dialysis Machines & Holding-Tanks.

Highly Concentrated Grease Trap Treatment with Automated Dispenser.

Fumeless, Alkaline Drain Opener & Maintainer that removes and prevents BioFilms.

A powerful, highly concentrated, ready-to-use, alkaline drain opener and maintainer. Used to …

Spray-on anti-sweat insulating coating to prevent condensation buildup on challenging and intricate plumbing installations.

An anti-sweat insulating coating for pipes that stops and prevents AC condensation …

Protect live electrical devices from moisture. Penetrates, lubricates, prevents rust on metal.

Protect your electrical equipment from moisture exposure. An all purpose, non-flammable, non-conductive …

Non-Rinse, Non-Acid, Foaming Coil Cleaner.

A powerful, non-acid, NON-RINSE coil cleaner that blasts deep into air-conditioner, heater, …

Heavy Duty Urinal Descaler and Odor Treatment

Crete is a professional quality drain treatment for descaling uric acid (calcium) …

Rubberized Instant Leak Sealer

Quickly fix leaks with this ultra-durable rubberized coating spray. Creates a waterproof, …

AC Condensate Drain Pan Cleaning Tablets for Heat Pumps and 1 Ton AC units

Formulated to clean sludge, scum and other accumulates in condensate drain pans …

Professional grade cover bag for clearly and safely marking unavailable urinals or other items not available for use.

This durable Out of Order Bag is designed to create a professional …

Non-Chemical Instant Drain Opener for all Diameter Drains

Powerflo is the first line of defence when dealing with initial blockage …

Stop drains from drying out.

Eliminates sewer gas smells and insects caused by dried out p-traps. Used …

Acoustical Ceiling Tile Restorer

This durable white coating covers unsightly ceiling tile stains caused by water …

Unclog Blocked Condensate Drains

A non-acid compressed gas formula creates a shock wave for instant drain …

Vandalism & Graffiti Remover

A thick powerful gel that provides extended contact time by clinging to …

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