drain openers

Drain Openers

We are carrying industrial strength drain openers in all kinds at our online store. Please click each product for more details. You will find the right one for your specific drain issue with drain pipe diameter ranging from 3/8" inches to municipal sewerage size (larger than 4").

Drain opener for diameter 3/8" to 7/8": Microflo

Drain opener for diameter 4" or larger: Marflo

Non-Chemical Drain Opener for all diameters: Powerflo

Acidic Drain opener for 4" and less: Staxflo

Acidic Drain opener for 4" and less with Odor control: Broshot

Alkaline drain opener for 4" and less (Liquid): Liquiflo

Alkaline drain opener for 4" and less (Powdered): Powderflo

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Fumeless, Alkaline Drain Opener & Maintainer that Kills BioFilms

A powerful, highly concentrated, ready-to-use, alkaline drain opener and maintainer may be …

Heavy Duty Liquid Drain Opener

Dissolves food, hair, grease, coffee grounds and filters, tampons, rags, organic waste, …

Liquid Drain Opener with Odour Control

Unblock toilets, sinks, water fountains and all drains less than 4" in …

Powdered fumeless, alkaline instant drain opener

Powerful instant powdered drain opener for drains less than four inches in …

Non-Chemical Instant Drain Opener for all Diameter Drains

Powerflo is the first line of defense when dealing with initial blockage …

Powerful Crystal Drain Opener for Large Diameter Drains 4 inches or larger.

An industrial strength solution for cleaning out the toughest large drain problems

Condensate and Small Drain Opener

Safe compressed gas formula creates a standing shock wave for instant drain …

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