drain openers

Drain Openers

Recommended Products by Drain Size

  • Drain opener for diameter 3/8" to 7/8": Microflo
  • Drain opener for diameter 4" or larger: Marflo
  • Non-Chemical Drain Opener for all diameters: Powerflo
  • Acidic Drain opener for 4" and less: Staxflo
  • Acidic Drain opener for 4" and less with Odor control: Broshot
  • Alkaline drain opener for 4" and less (Liquid): Liquiflo
  • Alkaline drain opener for 4" and less (Powdered): Powderflo
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Fumeless, Alkaline Drain Opener & Maintainer that removes and prevents BioFilms.

A powerful, highly concentrated, ready-to-use, alkaline drain opener and maintainer. Used to …

Heavy Duty Urinal Descaler and Odor Treatment

Crete is a professional quality drain treatment for descaling uric acid (calcium) …

Professional grade cover bag for clearly and safely marking unavailable urinals or other items not available for use.

This durable Out of Order Bag is designed to create a professional …

Powdered fumeless, alkaline instant drain opener

Powerful instant powdered drain opener for drains less than four inches in …

Powerflo Kit

Adapter Kit for PowerFlo

Non-Chemical Instant Drain Opener for all Diameter Drains

Powerflo is the first line of defence when dealing with initial blockage …

Powerful Crystal Drain Opener for drains 4 inches or larger.

An industrial strength solution for cleaning out the toughest large drain problems

Unclog Blocked Condensate Drains

A non-acid compressed gas formula creates a shock wave for instant drain …

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