specialty repair

Specialty Repair

Repair Ceiling Tiles and Pipes Anti-sweat pipe insulation spray on

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Spray-on anti-sweat insulating coating to prevent condensation buildup on challenging and intricate plumbing installations.

An anti-sweat insulating coating for pipes that stops and prevents AC condensation …

Protect live electrical devices from moisture. Penetrates, lubricates, prevents rust on metal.

Protect your electrical equipment from moisture exposure. An all purpose, non-flammable, non-conductive …

Fast Epoxy repair putty

A fast-setting polymer compound that enables permanent repairs to all types of …

Conceals Rust, Paint, and Graffiti Stains on Unpainted Concrete

Blends with the natural texture and color of unpainted concrete

Acoustical Ceiling Tile Restorer

This durable white coating covers unsightly ceiling tile stains caused by water …

Expandable Insulating Foam Sealant

A unique one part, liquid urethane foam which expands as it dries …

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