sump pits

Sump Pits

Automated Sump Pit Treatments

Treat foul odors & backups in your sump pits systems.

Sump Pit Automated Cleaning Service
  • Our full service solution for pain free management of your sump pit installations.
  • Lifetime warranty on pump parts. Labour and installation is included.
  • Regular scheduled service visits by our dedicated service technician.
  • Includes opening of the sump pit and conducting a visual inspection of the conditions of the pit as well as monitoring the dosage and functionality of the Injection System
  • Report on the inspection of the inside of the sump pit. (upon customer request)
Automated Liquid Dispensing Unit

Sump Pit Automated Cleaning Service

Note: Brodi service or installation is NOT available or included for on-line orders. To find out more please call us at 1-877-744-0751

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Automated Battery-Powered Pump System for controlling odors and grease build-up in Grease-Traps, Sump-Pits, and Holding-Tanks.

Highly Concentrated Grease Trap Treatment with Automated Dispenser.

Bacterial liquid enzyme treatment for drains and grease traps.

85 Billion bacteria spores per litre.

Sump Pit Floating Citrus-Based Deodorizer & Degreaser

Keeps sump pits and waste tanks smelling great and free from sludge. …

Citrus Based Solvent Emulsifier for Grease Traps & Sump Pits

CGTC is designed to be used in systems that have been neglected …

Heavy Duty Degreaser for Sump Pits and Grease Traps

Powerful solvent that rapidly emulsifies grease & sludge accumulations in sump pits …

Replacement Cartridge for Bac-Treet Grease Trap and Sump Pits System

Highly Concentrated Grease Trap Treatment for the Bac-Treet Automated Solution.

Automated dispenser for the Bac-Treet product line.

A battery powered automated dispenser for the Bac-Treet product line.

Plant-based grease and odor treatment for grease traps, sump pits and drains.

Bro-Treet is a plant-based product designed to be used to control odour …

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