sump pits

Sump Pits

Automated Sump Pit Treatments

Treat foul odors & backups in your sump pits systems.

Sump Pit Automated Cleaning Service
  • Our full service solution for pain free management of your sump pit installations.
  • Lifetime warranty on pump parts. Labour and installation is included.
  • Regular scheduled service visits by our dedicated service technician.
  • Includes opening of the sump pit and conducting a visual inspection of the conditions of the pit as well as monitoring the dosage and functionality of the Injection System
  • Report on the inspection of the inside of the sump pit. (upon customer request)
Automated Liquid Dispensing Unit

Sump Pit Automated Cleaning Service

Note: Brodi service or installation is NOT available or included for on-line orders. To find out more please call us at 1-877-744-0751

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Battery Powered Grease Trap Bacterial Treatment System

Highly Concentrated Grease Trap Bacterial Treatment with Automated Dispenser.

Bacterial liquid enzyme treatment for drains and grease traps.

85 Billion bacteria spores per litre.

Sump Pit Floating Citrus-Based Deodorizer and Degreaser

Keeps sump pits smelling great and free from sludge. Helps with backups …

Citrus Based Solvent Emulsifier for Grease Traps & Sump Pits

CGTC is designed to be used in systems that have been neglected …

Heavy Duty Solvent Based Sump Pit Treatment

Powerful solvent that rapidly emulsifies grease & sludge accumulations in sump …

Grease Trap Bacterial Treatment

Highly Concentrated Grease Trap Bacterial Treatment for the Bac-Treet Automated Solution.

Automated dispenser for the Bac-Treet product line.

A battery powered automated dispenser for the Bac-Treet product line.

Plant-based grease and odor treatment for grease traps, sump pits and drains.

Bro-Treet is a plant-based product designed to be used to control odour …

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