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Grease Traps


Grease Traps work by slowing down the flow of warm/hot greasy water allowing it to cool. As the water cools, the grease and oil separate and float to the top of the grease trap. The cooler water (less grease) continues to flow down the pipe to the sewer. The grease is trapped by the trap's baffles, which cover the inlet and outlet of the tank, preventing grease from flowing out of the trap. Brodi offers various treatment options to fit the needs of almost all Grease Trap installations.

1] Battery Powered Grease Trap Bacterial Treatment System

Highly Concentrated Grease Trap Bacterial Treatment with Automated Dispenser.

The compact battery-powered Bac-Treet system is simple to install. Professional installation is not required making this a great option for the Do-It-Yourself crowd. The system slowly dispenses the exact amount of bacteria required to build up a colony that will consume the grease in traps so that no grease makes its way down your pipes. Your trap and drains remain clean, odor free and free flowing, allowing you to save money on costly clean out services. 

How a Grease trap works

More Info battery Powered Grease Trap Treatment with Enzymes


2] One-Time Purging Solution

CGTC 7150 - Citrus Based Solvent Emulsifier

CGTC 7150 - Grease Trap Cleaning - Emulsifier


For systems that have been neglected and have an accumulation of fats, oils & greases (F.O.G.'s) Use CGTC 7150, a citrus-based emulsifier, to break down grease in traps that have been neglected. Use this method for bad accumulations before running the Bac-Treet automated system.

CGTC 7150 Emulsifying Solvent 



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Automated Battery-Powered System for controlling odors and grease build-up in Grease-Traps, Sump-Pits, Dialysis Machines & Holding-Tanks.

Highly Concentrated Grease Trap Treatment with Automated Dispenser.

Bacterial liquid enzyme treatment for drains and grease traps.

85 Billion bacteria spores per litre.

Citrus Based Solvent Emulsifier for Grease Traps & Sump Pits

CGTC is designed to be used in systems that have been neglected …

Heavy Duty Degreaser for Sump Pits and Grease Traps

Powerful solvent that rapidly emulsifies grease & sludge accumulations in sump pits …

Replacement Cartridge for Bac-Treet Grease Trap and Sump Pits System

Highly Concentrated Grease Trap Treatment for the Bac-Treet Automated Solution.

Automated dispenser for the Bac-Treet product line.

A battery powered automated dispenser for the Bac-Treet product line.

Plant-based grease and odor treatment for grease traps, sump pits and drains.

Bro-Treet is a plant-based product designed to be used to control odour …

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