marine/military applications

Marine/Military Applications

Discover our extensive range of marine and military-grade products, meticulously engineered to deliver unparalleled protection against corrosion and biofouling, thereby streamlining maintenance and repair processes while enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Our specialized marine coatings, crafted to meet Military Spec. C-23411 standards, provide superior defense against corrosion and moisture, ensuring seamless maintenance and repair operations. With a steadfast commitment to durability and reliability, our products endure the rigors of marine and shipyard environments, including military applications. By integrating our solutions, professionals can optimize performance, minimize downtime, and effortlessly achieve operational objectives.

military marine use lubricant and rust moisture prevent
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Demoisturant and Protectant

Demoisturizes and creates a waterproof film that dries out electrical equipment, inhibits …

Shields electrical components from the elements with a clear spray-on rubber coating.

A clear elastomeric coating for use in the electrical and electronic industries. …

Protect live electrical devices from moisture. Penetrates, lubricates, prevents rust on metal.

Protect your electrical equipment from moisture exposure. An all purpose, non-flammable, non-conductive …

Fast Epoxy repair putty

A fast-setting polymer compound that enables permanent repairs to all types of …

Rubberized Instant Leak Sealer

Quickly fix leaks with this ultra-durable rubberized coating spray. Creates a waterproof, …

Nut and Bolt loosener with Rapid-Freeze action

Freezing penetrating lubricant contracts metal and penetrates deeply to free rusted bolts.

Heavy Duty Nut & Bolt Loosener

Simply one of the most powerful nut & bolt looseners available. A …

Foaming Chain & Cable Lubricant

A clinging thick foam that penetrates into wire rope and roller chain …

Non-Chemical Instant Drain Opener for all Diameter Drains

Powerflo is the first line of defence when dealing with initial blockage …

Stop drains from drying out.

Eliminates sewer gas smells and insects caused by dried out p-traps. Used …

Long-Term Rust Protection for Metal Parts

A long term, flexible, non-tacky, non-chlorinated, rust resistant coating

Stainless Steel Cleaner and Protector Polish

Oil based formula that cleans, shines and restores all metal surfaces.

Extreme Pressure Water Resistant Molybdenum Grease

A special Molybdenum Disulphide heavy duty and extreme pressure grease providing reduced …

Cold-Zinc Galvanize

A high solids Zinc rich coating that forms an electrolytic bond on …

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