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Sump Pit Floating Citrus-Based Deodorizer & Degreaser

Keeps sump pits and waste tanks smelling great and free from sludge. Prevents backups & overflows.

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See how BroFloat quickly creates a protective floating layer.

Product Information

Advanced system for the care of sump pits and holding tanks

BroFloat is a floating citrus-based deodorizer and degreaser that revolutionizes the way you manage grease build-up and eliminate foul odors in your sump pits. It can be poured in manually or set up as an automated pump system.

What does a floating deodorizing and degreaser do?

BroFloat was designed to help liquify grease balls, grease matte, and reduce build-up on the surface, walls, and floats of sewage treatment vessels, sump pits, grease traps, septic tanks and any place where there is grease or sewage accumulation.

In addition, powerful non-chlorinated deodorizing agents help to overcome and control offensive odors associated with sewage and grease build-ups to help stop those odor complaints. BroFloat provides continuous deodorization by suppressing sulphide formations and neutralizing odors by 'blanketing' the surface of the sewage area.

How It Works:

  • BroFloat's floating formula creates a protective barrier on the water's surface, preventing grease accumulation and neutralizing odors.
  • Its unique floating seal layer rises and falls with the water, effectively cleaning and preventing grease build-up on walls and water surfaces.
  • The pleasant citrus scent creates an "odor blanket," containing offensive odors and leaving your sump pits smelling fresh.

Sump Pit Floating Degreaser and deordorizer


  • Reduce foul odors and pump-outs with BroFloat's powerful deodorizing action.
  • Prevent grease build-up on the surface and walls of sump pits, ensuring smooth operation and preventing backups and overflows.
  • Safe for use on concrete or steel sump pits, BroFloat will not freeze and is ready to use year-round.
  • Keeps the float free of sludge, preventing sump backups and maintaining optimal performance.
  • BroFloat won't inhibit waste digestion or affect water quality, making it environmentally friendly and safe to use.
  • Long lasting

Sump Pit odors, cleaning and maintenance

How to Use:

NOTE: For severely neglected pits and tanks we suggest first cleaning the pit thoroughly. If you are doing it yourself we suggest using our emulsifiers listed below. 

1] For pits that require cleaning use one of our powerful grease emulsifiers below...

MARZO: Our most powerful emulsifier.
Tackle the toughest, hardened grease buildup. 

CGTC: Strong emulsifier that
breaks down grease and sludge residues.

2] Build a layer of at least 1-2 inches by pouring BroFloat directly into the pit. Refer to the usage calculator on this page to estimate how much product is needed.

3] Continuously add Brofloat to maintain the recommended 1-2 inch layer. This can be done manually (every few weeks) or by using our fully automated peristaltic pump.
See Starter Kit.

Stop odors smells in waste tanks sump pits automated pump system


BroFloat Amount Calculator

Continuous exposure to hot water in a tank or pit accelerates the evaporation of BroFloat.

Select Your Sump Pit Shape
(64 oz. for each Square Foot to get a 1" layer.)
Round Square You Need
0.0 litre
to get the recommended 1" depth.
Diameter (Inches) Length (Inches)
  Width (Inches)

Blog Articles:

Eliminating grease and sewer accumulations built up in sanitary sump pits
How to Eliminate Drain Odors and Sewer Smells?


Canadian Food Inspection Agency Evaluated

For use on:

Sewage pits, septic tanks, sewage treatment vessels, effluent containment pits, drainage sump pits, pump sump pits, water collection sump pits, basement sump pits, wastewater holding tanks, chemical holding tanks, fluid holding tanks, sludge holding tanks.


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Questions & Answers (5) Questions

Q: Which product reduces or eliminates the formation and accumulation of black oily liquid and waxy deposit on the sewage sump pump and float switch?

A: Brofloat is designed exactly for this type of issue.

Q: how much do i use

A: Brofloat itself will last for many months. Issues that impact the longevity of the sealing effect are very hot water and/or strong water flow where BroFloat could be washed out of the sump pit overflows or drains. BroFloat floats on top so make sure your system does not completely drain or Brofloat will drain along with it. Thanks for your question!

Q: I have a grinder pump (residential) in a 40G tank that has a grease buildup issue. The pump removes the effluent but the grease floats and never gets pumped. If I use this product how often should I treat the tank?

A: Let's say your 40 G tank has a surface area of 20" x 40". You would need about 3 Jugs of Brofloat (4L / 1 G each). They come in a case of 4 so you can use the remaining jug to top it up. This would give you the floating layer you need of about 1 inch thick. As long as the top layer of your tank does not drain out in any way it should last for many many months. See the calculator on this page for how I came up with these numbers.

Q: How often will I need to add more Brofloat ?

A: Hi Randy,
Brofloat itself will last for many months. Issues that impact the longevity of the sealing effect are very hot water and/or strong water flow where BroFloat could be washed out of the sump pit overflows or drains. BroFlaot floats on top so make sure your system does not completely drain or Brofloat will drain along with it. Thanks for your question!

Q: Is Brofloat safe for septic tanks? I use a sump pump to push laundry water to the septic (required by local county) , so some Brofloat is likely to end up in the septic.

A: Yes Brofloat is safe for septic tanks.


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