Eliminating grease and sewer accumulations built up in sanitary sump pits

Sump pit degreasing and deodorizing before and afterSo it looks like you’ve got a buildup of grease in your sanitary sump pit system, causing awful odors and maybe even overflowing. But what can you do? Call in a company to clean it out? Sure you could do that once, but do you have the capital to call in a company as frequently as your sanitary sump pit stinks up? Or is there another way to prolong the time in between these cleanouts?

What is a sanitary sump pit?

The sanitary sump pit is one of two pits that are a part of your basement drain system. While one collects rainwater and naturally occurring wastewater, your sanitary sump pit will collect everything else – blood, sludge, grime and other things that your place of business may be putting down the drains. It then uses a sump pump to pump this wastewater into the sewer systems, making certain they don’t stick around and accumulate. Sanitary pits will be commonly installed when you have washrooms in your building’s basement.

Speaking of which…

What can happen to your sanitary sump pit without regular maintenance?

The sump pits are complicated and are usually made as big or as small as the place of business requires/can handle. The sump pit’s size will most likely be determined based on flow and pressure requirements.

There are complex controls used to operate the sanitary sump pit system and should this complicated system fail, there are usually alarms that will go off if there is anything wrong. These failures will often have something to do with the wastewater that is being pooled into your sanitary sump pit. This wastewater can include all sorts of things, from blood to grease to sludge that will clog up your system.

Buildups of grease, wastewater and sludge can at worst cause disastrous floods in your basements, and at best make awful odors spill out from down below. So what can you do if you have a stinky sanitary sump pit?

How to maintain your sanitary sump pit properly?

Owning a sanitary sump pit means regular maintenance and pump outs, which are best left to professionals. However, if between those maintenance appointments, you get odors or grease build ups, we recommend using Brofloat by Brodi.

Brofloat: floating citrus-based deodorizer and degreaser

Pouring floating citrus-based degreaser and deodorizer into a sump pitThis floating citrus-based deodorizer and degreaser is the simplest thing to use in order to keep your Sanitary Sump Pits odor and grease free. Just pour some into your pit and the Brofloat will float on top of your sanitary sump pit’s water, creating a layer of both deodorizer and degreaser. Brofloat also makes sure that debris and sludge stay soft so they can’t cause problems for your pit.

Here are some other features Brofloat boasts:

  • Minimizes foul odors & pumps out
  • Liquifies grease balls & matte buildup on surface and walls of sump pits
  • Continuous deodorization by suppressing sulphide formations & neutralizing odors by “blanketing” the surface of the sewage area
  • Keeps float free of sludge preventing sump backups & overflows

There you have it, people. You could have a company come in to clean out your sanitary sump pit every time it stinks, or you could trust Brofloat to keep it smell-free for longer. Sure, you could go with the first option, but why would you? Trust Brodi to keep your sump pits clean and smell-free.

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