Guide to Selecting the Correct Grease for Your Industrial Applications

Navigating the complex world of industrial lubricants can be a daunting task. Whether you're dealing with heavy machinery, automotive components, or precision instruments, choosing the right grease is critical for ensuring optimal performance and longevity of your equipment. That's where our comprehensive grease selection chart comes into play.

Use this chart to help you select the correct grease for your application, tailored specifically to meet the demands of various industrial settings. Our guide simplifies the process, making it easy for engineers, maintenance professionals, and procurement specialists to make informed decisions based on specific criteria such as temperature range, load-bearing capacity, water resistance, and compatibility with different materials.

  DryLube Blue Tacky Grease Lithilube Molycon Plus Grease Can Red No Melt Grease Synthagrease Food Grade Grease
Type of Lubricant PTFE dry lubricant Lithium grease White lithium penetrating grease Molybdenum grease Red lithium penetrating grease High temp red grease Synthetic grease with PTFE Food grade polymer grease
Temp Range -100°F to +500°F -30°F to +500°F Up to 350°F -30°F to +300°F -60°F to +500°F Up to 550°F -60°F to +500°F 0°F to +450°F
Pressure Resistance Not specified High Not specified Extreme (225,000 PSI) High High High High
Food Grade Not specified No Yes (CFIA Evaluated) No Yes (CFIA Evaluated) No Yes (CFIA Evaluated) Yes
Water Resistance Yes High High High Highly resistant High Not specified High
Rust and Oxidation Resistance Yes Not specified Yes Superior Not specified Resistant Excellent Not specified
Adhesion Level Microscopic film forming Excellent Long lasting Superior Not specified Excellent Excellent Tenacious
Color Dries to white Blue White Grey/Black Red Red Nearly colorless White
Special Additives Teflon PTFE - - Molybdenum Disulphide - - PTFE -
Uses Various including automotive, machinery, and as a mold release agent High speed bearings and continuous high temp operations Multiple including food service, industrial, automotive Demanding environments like railroad, mining, marine Gears, ovens, valves, etc. Bearings and high-temp applications Broad range including high-speed bearings Food industry applications
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Ultra Pure White Food Grade Grease

An ultra refined Polymer Food Grade Grease with excellent adhesion, extremely high …

Hi Temp, Non-Melt, High Speed, Synthetic, Clear Grease fortified with PTFE

A broad temperature range 100% synthetic grease fortified with PTFE to protect …

High Temp, Non Melt, Extreme Pressure Red Grease

A Non melting high performance grease which performs well under a wide …

Red Lithium Penetrating Grease

A liquified Lithium lubricant that penetrates as a liquid and then sets …

White Lithium Penetrating Grease

An all-weather, heavy duty, food-grade, multi-purpose penetrating grease. Sprays on as a …

Extreme Pressure Water Resistant Molybdenum Grease

A special Molybdenum Disulphide heavy duty and extreme pressure grease providing reduced …

Extreme Pressure, Hi Speed, Lithium Grease

Excellent for high speed ball & roller bearings where strong adhesion is …

Dry PTFE Lubricant & Release Spray

A chemically inert, non-oily, non-staining, non-chlorinated, fast drying lubricant and release agent …

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