drain maintainers

Drain Maintainers

We are carring many types of solution to fit your specific needs when it comes to preventing occurrence of poorly functioning drains, such as drain blockage, drain odor, and slow draining urinals. Please check each drain maintainer product for more details and put them in the shopping cart as needed. 

Bacteria-based drain maintainers: Digesto, Turbo Foam

Citrus-based drain maintainer: Grease Release

Condensate pan drain maintainer: A/C Gel Pucks, Mini A/C Gel Tabs

Special treatment: Towerflo, Sewerflo

Urinal drain pipe descaler: Crete

Alkaline drain maintainer: Liquiflo

Plaster trap deodorizer and maintainer: Kleenout

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Biological Drain Maintainer and Organic Waste Digester

Attacks odours at the source

Citrus-based Drain Maintainer

Eliminates buildup in drains by dissolving grease, grime, slime & sludge which …

Citrus Deodorizer & Degreaser for Drains and Traps

Kleenout is an industrial strength treatment specifically designed for treating the foul …

Fumeless, Alkaline Drain Opener & Maintainer that Kills BioFilms

A powerful, highly concentrated, ready-to-use, alkaline drain opener and maintainer may be …

Foaming Drain Maintainer

A natural bacterial foam containing microbes that quickly eliminates fats, oils and …

Condensate Pan Cleaning Tablets

Prevent clogged condensation drains and water overflow damage to carpets, walls and …

Heavy Duty Urinal Descaler and Cleaner

Crete is a professional drain treatment for descaling uric acid (calcium) buildup …

Drainline, Sand, Silt and Mud Remover

Suspends sand and small particles in drains allowing you to wash it …

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