Instant de-icer spray – the best to keep windshields from icing up

keep windshield from icing up, using the instant spray deicer Well, it looks like the winter weather is right around the corner. Soon, we’ll have gorgeous white ice and snow-draped all over our respective cities and towns, bringing a brilliant white sheen to the world. Not only do we get beautiful snow, we also get Christmas, cozy fires, skiing and snowmobiles. However, with all these cool and great activities come some hardships– namely, scraping ice that’s covering your windshield. One of the biggest pains in the morning before you have to go to work, this would definitely be the worst part of any winter day. But is there a way to make this process easier? Yes, there is.

Who might run into this?

Pretty much everyone who drives a car in the winter would run into the issue of having a frosted over windshield. However, there are some businesses and industries who pretty much drive for a living, some of which we’ll explore right now:

Taxis Services: Whether you work for a cab company or a ride-share app like Uber or Lyft, it’s important to have your windshield clear so you can get your customers to their destination safely. Also, taking a bunch of time to scrape off your windshield and car windows in the morning would mean you have less time to pick up new riders, meaning you’ll take a hit to your paycheck at the end of the day.

Transportation industry: By this I mean bus drivers, people who run the trolley and maybe even those who conduct a train. It would be hard to drive a bunch of riders around town with a frosted over windshield, not to mention how dangerous it would be. Also, taking time to scrape off your windshield in the morning would mean you might be late for your route, which would be incredibly unfavorable.

Delivery services: From Amazon and FedEx workers to pizza delivery people, to post people, delivery services are more important these days then they have ever been. With the invention of the internet, we’re now expecting pretty much everything to be delivered to our doorstep. You can’t let a frozen windshield prevent you from delivering that all important package.

Firefighters, Paramedics, Police: This one might be the most important one on the list. Safety has to be imperative for these emergency services, especially when time is of the essence. Don’t let a frozen over windshield be the difference between you getting to the crime scene on time or not.

Car rental industry: Having windshields that are clear is imperative to the car rental industry. Who wants to rent a car if you can’t see out of the windshield?

So, what is the best way to avoid having to clean off your windshield? Is there even a best way to do it besides scraping away like a madman in the mornings? Well, yes there is and it’s called…

Instant De-icer Spray – Brodeicer

Introducing Brodeicer, the instant de-icer spray. This is the best windshield and car de-icer spray in the business for making sure your windows, windshield and windshield wipers are ice-free before your morning commute. This stuff is guaranteed to quickly melt the ice on whatever you spray it onto and it is small enough to fit in your glove box. Here are some other features that Brodeicer boasts:

Instant spray de-icer

    • Eliminates scrapping and glass damage
    • Can be sprayed on in advance to prevent freezing, stop frost from forming and prevent ice from forming
    • Will not gum up or distort vision
    • Prevents locks from freezing
    • A portable aerosol that is easy to use
  • For use on windshields, windows, headlights, tailgates, door locks, hoods, hinges, trunks, freezer compartments, chillers and AC equipment

And there you have it! So, next time there’s a huge snowstorm in your town and you know your windshield is going to freeze over, don’t think hard, think smart. Think Brodi.

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