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It seems that the winter season is upon us and as they say, it’s “the most wonderful time of the year”. The snowmaking a beautiful white blanket over our roads and sidewalks, winter storms, cosy fires and quality time indoors, this winter season is bound to be a great one. That is of course if you make sure to keep up on your de-icing. The worst part about this season is how icy and slippery everything can get, and how potentially dangerous that ice can be. However, fear not, because we here at Brodi have a comprehensive guide on how to survive winter, how to get through the treacherous snow and ice. So that you can enjoy all the best parts of winter without having to worry about the dangers.

Some of Winter’s Worst offenders

We’ve already discussed in another article which businesses might be affected by winter’s icy touch, however, we should also probably discuss what kinds of problems you can run into during this coldest of seasons. Everything from issues with ice to issues with salt, although it is certainly beautiful winter can wreak havoc on one’s business if they’re not properly prepared. Let Brodi guide you through some of the biggest difficulties any business can run into during the winter:

  • A frozen windshield. We’ve been over the frozen windshield before, but it is really worth repeating how much of a pain a frozen windshield can be for any business. Especially those businesses that drive every day, like tow trucks, emergency services, the transportation industry and delivery people to name a few. There are many tricks and tips on the internet to keeping your windshield ice-free this winter, but none are as effective as a good ol’ de-icer spray.
  • Salt stains. There’s nothing worse than having salt stains all over your business. The winter is full of salts, sands and other foreign debris that will stain your business’ surfaces. Whether they litter the carpet, car mats, brick, tile, concrete or stone, salt stains just scream that your business is unprofessional and unprepared. Make sure to get a salt-removing solution this winter to keep your business looking good.
  • Snow and Ice in unwanted areas. Here it is, the most inconvenient part of any winter– the overload of snow and ice. The combination of the two is gorgeous when it hangs off trees, however, it’s not so pretty when it’s in a high traffic area. Snow and ice mean slipping, which means at best a loss in productivity and at worst a lawsuit. Your best bet is to grab something that will melt the snow, so you and your business can avoid any ice-related nastiness.

Well, we’ve explored the different issues one can run into this winter season. Sounds pretty intimidating, doesn’t it? Don’t fear, because we here at Brodi have put together a combination of some of the greatest winter-related products to help your business through this, the coldest of seasons. We like to call it…

The Brodi Selection for Winter Maintenance

These next few products are absolutely essential for making your business function exceptionally this winter. A combination of these three will ensure smooth sailing during the coldest month of the year.

Instant Spray De-icer – Brodeicer

Instant spray de-icerIntroducing Brodeicer, the instant spray de-icer. This is the best windshield and car de-icer spray in the business for making sure your windows, windshield and windshield wipers are ice-free before your morning commute. This stuff is guaranteed to quickly melt the ice on whatever you spray it onto and it is small enough to fit in your glove box. Here are some other features that Brodeicer boasts:

  • Eliminates scrapping and glass damage
  • Can be sprayed on in advance to prevent freezing, stop frost from forming and prevent ice from forming
  • Will not gum up or distort vision
  • Prevents locks from freezing
  • A portable aerosol that is easy to use
  • For use on windshields, windows, headlights, tailgates, door locks, hoods, hinges, trunks, freezer compartments, chillers and AC equipment

The product is incredibly simple to use. Next, let’s explore a way to remove salt stains from various places around your business.

Salt Away – Instant Salt Remover and Neutralizer

Instant Salt Remover and NeutralizerSalt Away is an instant salt remover and neutralizer. This salt neutralizing agent makes certain that salt stains go and stay away from your business’ Carpets, car mats, brick, tile, concrete and stone. Here are some other features from Salt Away:

  • A concentrated detergent to neutralize all salts that accumulate during the winter
  • A cleaner with the ability to attack winter hazards
  • Eliminates corrosion of all salts when used regularly
  • Eliminates chemical attacks on floors and neutralizes salt build up on track-off mats

How to use Salt Away:

  1. Hold can upside down and spray salt stained area until thick foam develops
  2. Let sit for 5-10 minutes
  3. Use a clean rag or a strong vacuum to remove residue and or liquid from the treated area
  4. For tougher stains repeat process

An incredibly simple process for an incredibly simple product. Now, let’s move on to the final piece of the Brodi winter puzzle.

ZeroGo Liquid – Magnesium Chloride Liquid Ice and Snow Melter

Magnesium Chloride Liquid Ice and Snow MelterIntroducing finally ZeroGo Liquid, the magnesium chloride liquid ice and snow melter. This product is used for exactly what it’s named after melting snow and ice. It’s a fast acting formula that penetrates hard-packed ice and snow, preventing the two from bonding. For immediate results, you can mix the agent with salt or sand. Here are some other things that the ZeroGo Liquid promises:

  • Non-staining
  • Biodegradable
  • Prevents build-up of ice and snow
  • Effective in temperatures as low as -40°C
  • The ideal alternative to harmful deicing pellets
  • Contains NO Calcium or Sodium Chloride

This product is for use on Sidewalks, Driveways, Stairs, Concrete, Loading Docks, Terrazzo, Plastic, Rubber, Bridges and other places that your business might be affected by snow.

And there you have it! Three amazing products to keep your business running smoothly during the winter times. This winter, don’t think your business is going to suffer, all you need to think is Brodi.

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