The best bars deserve the best drain treatment

Bar beer tappingSo it seems that your business has a clogged drain. At first, it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but then the odors start to stink up your place of business. While stinky odors are bad for any industry, the worst place you could possibly find them is in a bar. People wanting to eat or drink in your place of business will smell those awful smells, turn around and walk right out. So is there any easy way to fix your slow running or clogged drains and return your business to the sweet smelling place it deserves to be? Yes, of course there is and we’re going to show you how.

What kinds of things make up a great bar?

The best bars are the ones where we create the most fun memories, but what elements make up those elements? The company we choose? The right jokes told at the right time? A perfect combination of food, drink, entertainment and people? Yes, all of the above, but your bar is responsible for the atmosphere in which those moments are created.

In order to create a good atmosphere, some suggest that you should focus on lighting, music, the taste of food and drink, the attitude of your bartenders and finally– your health and safety standards. Today, we’ll tackle the last one– specifically in the field of maintaining your sinks and drains. A clogged or slow draining sink can spell disaster for any bar or restaurant, as they can attract not only fruit flies but also a terrible odor. The answer to all your unclogging needs lies below.

What kind of problems can I run into if I don’t properly maintain my sinks and drains?

There are a myriad of problems that can happen to you when you don’t do proper drain maintenance. These issues will lead to other issues and in turn, may lead to a drop in business, especially if you work in the food industry. What might have happened? Your garbage disposal might be clogged, maybe there’s a floor drain you don’t use very often that isn’t draining as fast as it used to, maybe your kitchen sink is blocked by a lot of food residue or maybe your septic tanks or septic systems are acting up. Here are some of the issues your bar, restaurant or other type of business may run into:

Slow Draining Sink/Drain: Slow draining sinks are pretty self-explanatory– if your drain or sink isn’t draining at the speed you’re accustomed to, then it’s probably got some sort of blockage in it. Mostly, they’re caused by a buildup of everyday materials, so if you work in a bar it’s probably either some food material stuck in a garbage disposal, or something similar.

Clogged Sink/Drain: The link in the title will explain what a clogged sink or drain might be, however it usually is when your sink or drain won’t take any water into it. Most of the time, cold or hot water will remain in the sink and become standing water, which is not only really bad for business but could even attract fruit flies. Bottom line: clogged drains/sinks are really bad for business, especially in businesses like bars, restaurants and others in the food industry.

Now that we’re aware of the issues one can run into when you experience drain problems, what can a business owner do about them? Sure, plungers and snakes may work, but what happens when good old fashioned muscle or grit doesn’t get the job done?

Well, there’s an alternative we should explore that will definitely work.

Thorough cleaning with foaming drain maintainer – Turbo Foam

How to clean bar sink drain with foaming drain maintainer

Turbo Foam, the foaming drain maintainer, is probably anyone’s best bet in a foaming drain cleaner or a drain cleaner in general if you work in the restaurant industry. Bars, restaurants and other related places will love this stuff because it’s a bacterial foam containing microbes that quickly eliminates fats, oils and grease scum build-up. Which means not only will it work wonders on your sink’s drain, it will eliminate those FOGs and, it’s all done in a way that’s safe for your sink’s drain. This drain opener and cleaner will keep your customer’s minds at ease, because this foaming drain maintainer is a natural bacterial foam containing microbes that quickly eliminates FOG, scrum build-up to prevent clogging in drains and pipes. Here are some other things that Turbo Foam boasts:

foaming drain maintainer, Turbo Foam

    • Safe for all pipes, grease traps, septic systems and sewers
    • Fast and easy one-step application
  • Leaves a clean fresh scent

For best use in: bar sinks, ice machine, soda fountain even any cracks where FOG accumulates.  

Alternative: Biological Drain Maintainer and Organic Waste Digester – Digesto

How to clean floor drain or sink drain with liquid drain maintainer This amazing drain cleaner is a lot like the Turbo Foam and would probably do the job just as well, however this stuff attacks odors at the source. Once again, bacteria in the Digesto break down the FOGs in clogged sinks, working amazingly as a clog remover and a foaming drain unblocker. It also:

Liquid drain maintainer

    • Safe to use
    • Non-caustic, non-acidic, neutral pH
  • For kitchen sinks, floor drains, bathtubs, showers, urinals, laundry drains, or any drain with grease accumulations

And there you have it, two solutions to a perfectly solvable problem. Also, both solutions are safe and effective on your business’ sink clogs, especially if you have a bar or a restaurant. So, next time you have a nasty clog in your business, don’t panic. Just think Brodi.

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