When urinal odors start building up, what do you do?

urinal is out of order, odor and slow running

So your business is having trouble with smelly urinals. Smelly urinals certainly are a lot of trouble, a messy and stinky bathroom means that customers will be uncomfortable, which we can all agree is not the vibe you want for your business. Especially in the restaurant industry, bad smelling urinals can be a killer to your mood, your atmosphere and your customer’s outlook on your place. Is there a way to quickly and efficiently destroy urinal odors? Yes, there is, and we’ll discuss it today.

Why do we get urinal odors?

Being a place where people discard waste, it’s no wonder urinals can become a little smelly. But why is it that they become smelly? And once we find out what causes it, is there a way to get rid of, even prevent the cause of urinal odor? Yes, as I previously stated, there is, but let’s explore the first question first– why do we get urinal odors?

Our main culprit in the smelly urinal case is something called “uric acid”. Essentially, when you urinate in the same place for a while, the calcium in the urine starts to crystallize. After some time, the crystallized urine will build up, creating what is aptly named “uric buildup”. It’s this uric buildup that creates the gross smelling urinals, which in turn creates a gross smelling bathroom.

What can be done about uric buildup?

Introducing Crete, the heavy duty urinal descaler is the epitome of excellence when it comes to destroying odor causing substances in your urinal. Also, it is great for fixing slow draining urinals and regular urinal drain maintenance. Here’s how it works:

urinal drain treatment sits in p-trap dissolving uric acid build-ups by returning the drain back to normal working diametersStep 1
Pour 16 oz of Crete into the urinal. Crete will sit in the urinal “p-trap” slowly dissolving all forms of scale. The scale is the typical cause of slow running and foul-smelling urinals.

Step 2
Allow Crete to work overnight in the urinal. You may want to cover the urinal to avoid use during this time.

Step 3
When morning comes, flush the urinal a couple times. The urinal drain should now be in working order with its original diameter restored.  Most, if not all, of the odor-causing scale should now be gone!

In some stubborn cases, you may need to repeat the process until the issue is resolved.

While Crete is great for removing slow drains in urinals, the easiest way to prevent any sort of uric scale buildup is regular maintenance of your pipes, for which Crete is perfect. Using this particular heavy duty urinal descaler on regular basis should prevent most kinds of buildup and won’t have any effect on most pipes.

Check this video to learn how to treat a urinal with Brodi Crete.

And that’s it! So next time you’ve got urinal problems, don’t think too hard. Think smart, think Brodi.

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