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Fix clogged or slow draining urinals

urinal odor and slow running treatmentOne of the worst things that can happen to any business owner is a clogged or slow draining urinal. Not only does having malfunctioning bathroom appliances reflect terribly on your company, but the smell and mess that a blocked urinal p-trap can cause would be really disgusting. So how would a business owner fix a clogged or slow draining urinal?

Finding the answer to that question starts with examining what causes urinals to clog in the first place. More often than not, they’re caused by high concentrations of uric salt crystals, uric acids, and calcium that come from urine and/or the minerals in the water. After repeated use of the urinal, these uric acids build up inside your urinal’s p-trap, creating a uric scale and choking your pipes. In order to get rid of the clog, you’ll need to get rid of the uric scale. Also, keep in mind not every clog is caused by uric scale, so make sure to use the appropriate product for the right situation.

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Is it safe to unclog a urinal with acid?

Blockage in your urinal can lead to one of a business owner’s or tradesperson’s worst possible nightmares: a clogged p-trap. Being the place where most urinal related clogs take place, a blocked p-trap can produce awful smells that will drive customers from your bathrooms and out of your business. And while having a clogged p-trap can be difficult, finding the right drain treatment can be just as hard. There are a lot of different urinal p-trap unclogging products out there, but the first thing that might come to mind is one of the most volatile substances a tradesperson can get their hands on– sulfuric acid. However, with its reputation for being a highly corrosive and dangerous substance, one must ask oneself – Is it safe to unclog a urinal with acid?

Urinal P-Trap

Some people think that unclogging a urinal should be left to the professionals, as it can sometimes be very difficult. While most clogs in urinals are caused by a buildup of uric acid, over time creating what is called “uric scale”, different drain cleaners are great for certain types of clogs, pipes or drain lines and can be terrible for others. However, not every business owner can call a plumber every time there is a clog or a bad smell radiating from their urinals, so learning the basics of urinal maintenance (and discovering the drain treatments used to keep those urinals running smoothly) is key. Continue reading Is it safe to unclog a urinal with acid?