Emergency copper pipes repair with epoxy putty stick

Copper water supply pipe running in commercial or public placesSo you think you’ve got an emergency situation with your copper pipes. Maybe a copper pipe is leaking, maybe something has burst. All you know is that you need an emergency repair on your copper pipes or else you’re going to face some serious water damage. You don’t need a temporary repair, you need a permanent fix for this home improvement venture. So herein lies the question: do you need to call a plumber or is there a repair product that can help you fix this emergency repair by yourself? The answer might be simpler than you think.

How do I tell if I have copper pipes?

Keep in mind that copper pipes are generally used for two things, especially in construction. 1) for the water supply and 2) for the refrigerant line in HVAC systems. To identify copper, there are a couple steps you can take:

  • Identify by color: Copper pipes have a very reddish brown color, similar if not identical to that of a penny. If you have a 1 cent piece kicking around, compare the single cent to the pipe. If they’re the same color, you may have a copper pipe on your hands.
  • Listen to the metal. Ding the metal once and listen. Does it produce a soft, almost muted sound? You probably have some copper on your hands.

What are emergency situations for copper pipes or fixtures?

Before we dive into fixing emergency repairs, we should examine exactly what an emergency repair might entail. There are a lot of telltale signs for an emergency copper pipe repair situation. They can range from seemingly normal to drastic and recognizing the signs will be an important step in finding what exactly you need to fix. Let’s explore some of the potential emergency copper pipe situation signs, shall we?

You have weak water pressure: Water pressure is one of the most important factors when it comes to your plumbing. If water is pouring out of your taps weakly, it’s probably some sort of clog but it could indicate a broken or leaking copper pipe.

Your pipes are leaking: Obviously, a leaking copper pipe is an indication of a serious problem. Left unchecked, a leaking pipe could turn into a break or could cause some serious water damage.

Your pipes are frozen: Not insulating pipes can be disastrous, especially for Canadians. If you don’t let water run through the pipes regularly, it could cause them to freeze.  Water tends to expand when it freezes and would cause some serious damage to any pipes, even copper ones.

Finding a broken copper pipe

Once you’ve determined that you have a problem with one of your pipes, finding which one it is could be tricky. Try these steps to finding your broken pipe:

  1. Turn off all taps and sounds in your place of business.
  2. Put ear to the wall, listen for sound of water
  3. Look around house for Bubbling paint or wallpaper, peeling paint or mold.
  4. Go to water meter to see if dial is spinning
  5. Check hot water unit for leaks

Fixing copper pipes with epoxy putty stick

how copper epoxy putty stick bond to repair copper pipes, matching in colorSo you’ve determined you have some sort of leak, puncture or break in your copper pipes. What can you use to fix it? What is the best product on the market for remedying your copper pipe problem?

Brofix copper epoxy putty repair stick

Brofix, copper epoxy putty repair stickThe Brofix Copper Epoxy Putty Repair Stick by Brodi is undoubtedly the best product on the market for repairing leaking copper pipes. Not only does it have an incredibly fast cure time of five minutes, it will be fully cured in that time as well which means it can be painted, drilled, tapped, filed, machined, etc. Here are some of the other great things the Brofix Cooper Epoxy Putty Repair Stick can do:

  • Bonds to damp, wet surfaces
  • Seals leaks in pipes, elbows, joints and sleeves
  • Repairs hot water heaters and water tanks
  • Seals pinhole leaks, freeze breaks and leaking domestic hot water lines
    • Will seal high pressure hot water lines permanently (make sure to turn off water before using
    • Pipes can be restored to service after one hour

Do any of those issues sound familiar? Does one of those needs seem like something you or your copper pipes require? Look no further than the Brofix Copper Epoxy Putty Repair Stick. Stick with Brodi and you’ll have those copper pipes fixed in no time.

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