• Lap Shear Strength range from 350 to 900m p.s.i.

• Compressive Strength range from 10,000 to 12,000 p.s.i.

• Electrical resistance 30,000 megohms

• Dielectric strength 300 volts/mil

• Upper Temperature Limit 250°F continuous, 300°F intermittent

• Chemical resistant to hydrocarbons, ketone's, alcohols, esters, halo carbons, aqueous salt solutions and dilute acids and bases

• Non-flammable and releases no noxious fumes

• Will not shrink or pull away and unused portion stays fresh for future use when saved in its original package

• Contains no solvents or VOC's

Instant Repair for Metal and Plastic Injection Molds

BroFix is a specially formulated, fast-setting, epoxy based compound for making permanent repairs to different types of metals and plastics used in the mold making industry. Great for making fast repairs on high temperature or room temperature use molds.


A quick and economical method to permanently repair worn out or broken metal or plastic injection molds. Create permanent repairs, on site, by unskilled workers, in minutes.

Overview - Easily Repair your Injection Molds!


• No welding required

• Available in steel, aluminum, plastic and copper

•Contains properties of original metal creating a consistent and predictable bond




• Hole edges

• Incorrect EDM (electrical discharge machining) burn

• Pilots, edges, slot bottoms, corners, etc.

• Shims, build-ups, & dot proofs

• Closing off vent gates

• Repair plastic molds created from 3D printers

• Filling composites surface porosity

• Honeycomb panel edge filler

• Bonding loose pieces and details

• Vacuum mold repair and modifications

• Urethane mold repairs and modifications

• FRP composite repairs

• Pattern repairs and fillets


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MSDS - Material and Safety Data Sheets

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Download a PDF of the MSDS you need by clicking on the product image

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Brofix Steel

Brofix Aluminum

Brofix Plastic

Brofix Copper

• BroFix is ready to apply in 5 minutes and becomes a permanent repair quickly.

• Select the BroFix repair stick that best matches the original material that you plan on repairing or modifying

• Cut off a piece from the stick that best matches the size of the job.

• Knead the BroFix repair material with your fingers until uniform in color and apply. BroFix hardens very quickly but can still be worked and smoothed during this hardening process allowing for precise positioning. 

• After curing BroFix can be tapped, screwed, drilled, sanded, sawed, filed or painted



How it Works

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Mold Making Links

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• Router fixture repairs

• Crack, dent and crevice repair

• Temporary holding fixtures

• Filling cloth impressions in prepreg

• Non-conductive barrier potting

• Rim/smc/bmc surface filler

• Bonding inserts/hangers

• Urethane part repair

• Potting stripped threads

• Renewing worn surfaces and many others.

• Core box repairs and modifications

• Void and porosity filling

BroFix has excellent adhesion and bond strength to fiberglass, epoxy and graphite composite mold surfaces as well as aluminum and steel. Easier and faster than set-fast filler pastes.


BroFix provide a smooth, creamy and workable paste with superior handling, set-fast characteristics and dimensional stability. Once applied it forms a rigid, strong surface, which can be machined, sanded, filed or scraped to a feather edge.


BroFix adheres and bonds to fiberglass, SMC, RIM, BMC, Graphite, Kevlar™ and other types of composites as well as aluminum, steel, grey iron, copper, plaster, models, patterns and other substrates.


BroFix can be applied without pin-holing and exhibits no shrink or sink after curing. It accepts virtually all types of finishes e.g., lacquer, enamel, polyurethane, epoxy, etc., without any special preparation. It is a "no bleed out" system after finishing or if covered with a decorative film.

• Make quick & permanent repairs in 5 minutes

• Indefinite shelf life

• Good for large or small mold repairs

• Quickly prototype/fabricate








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How It Works




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BroFix hardens in 5 minutes and can be machined to precise measurements, can be ground and painted over, with excellent adhesion and bond strength to fiberglass, epoxy and graphite composite mold surfaces as well as aluminum and steel.

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